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Teacher training is a journey. A physical and emotional one. Layers will be shed, new confidence will be found.
There was much more to learn then I could have ever expected through this program.  Jenn and Brittany led with grace, love, support and encouraging hearts. They broke us wide open from day one. Getting us to break barriers and find our voice. Allowing gentle support while also pushing us to step over our fears.
I can not thank them enough for being guiding lights on this journey. For sharing their abundant knowledge and years of experience. 

If sharing this precious gift of yoga with the world is calling to you, I encourage you to trust Sacred Moon School of Yoga to guide you towards that goal! 


Taking my 200HR YTT at Sacred Moon with Jenn and Britt was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My expectation was to learn how to safely guide someone through a yoga class and I got that and so much more. Learning from Jenn and Britt, I always felt supported to find my own voice. The environment they create for their students is one of love and community. It isn’t easy and there is a lot to learn but this training has started me on my yoga guide journey and helped shape me into a more complete version of myself. I highly recommend Sacred Moon School of Yoga!


Day one I knew yoga teacher training was going to turn me inside out, touch my heart and then zip me back closed. I found a family, I found movement I never knew I needed, wisdom I was searching for and a piece of my voice that I had left behind some years earlier on my path. Jenn and Brittany are two of the most loving, supportive and trustworthy teachers there are. They are truly living their yoga and invite their students to do the same. Anyone who is feeling called to Sacred Moon, follow that call, it will not lead you astray. From anatomical alignment to chakra healing, this school will lead each yogi on the journey they are yearning for. 


Well, I can hardly believe it”s been a year ago already our training started. I remember being so pumped and not being able to sleep. Laughing and crying. Learning to trust. Being so freaked out about talking and sharing and it turns out it was one of my all-time favorite times. Learning the power of just listening. I hate to read, loved the books. Here’s a little advice... Stay up with the homework....Just be yourself, you know the asana, that’s why you want to go to yoga school. Trust that you are in a safe and encouraging environment. I know I grow a little every time I lead a class. The best thing of all, I gained a new family.


My experience with Sacred Moon School of Yoga was nothing short of transformative. To say the journey was life-changing would be an understatement.  I first met Brittany and Jenn at Rootdown as yoga guides. Their classes were both nurturing yet challenging; physically and mentally. I knew the two of them teamed together as Sacred Moon would just the same. And it was; I felt taken care of and gently guided through coursework and the self-work. I also felt a great push to strive towards my best self in the form of tough love, although I can’t say it was really all that tough. Brittany and Jenn are the sweetest souls and the perfect teachers. It’s one thing to teach yoga, but it’s an entirely new venture to teach people how to teach yoga! And they did it in a way that seemed effortless. So much material was covered, and if I ever felt overwhelmed, they assured me it was ok. I have the rest of my life to continue to live my yoga. That got put to the test more quickly than we all anticipated! Finishing half of our training during a pandemic was not what any of us could’ve ever imagined, but I keep hearing about how things happen for us, not to us.


I am so very grateful that both Brittany and Jenn for encouraging me to take their YTT course. I can tell you with full certainty, it was not because they needed more bodies in the training, but because they believed in me. I could feel it every step of the way. I now am teaching yoga, as a Registered Yoga Teacher under Yoga Alliance, at three different locations. I wear my Brittany "perma-grin” so big when I introduced myself and say, “I attended Sacred Moon School of Yoga.” I look forward to seeing them share the light with many more yogis to come. 

I proofread 10x, but I would still double-check. I’m the worst an always miss something lol 




When I made the decision to sign up for yoga teacher training, ironically it was never because I wanted to teach/guide yoga classes; rather it was because I deeply wanted to heal - I knew through my yoga practice that movement and meditation could work magic on my soul, but I wanted(needed) more. 


My journey with Sacred Moon School of Yoga provided all that I longed for and more.  Each weekend of training I showed up, not just for myself but, for my new tribe -  I showed up to shed layers of fear and doubt, to build upon affirmations of wisdom, truth, and hope, I showed up to learn and to grow in ways I never thought I could.


My experience with Sacred Moon School of Yoga (in the middle of a pandemic, might I add!) was life-changing and has opened doors - cleared windows - and empowered me to notice & follow my Dharmic path.


First. I am happy just being asked to remember my time in yoga school. Thank you! 


I appreciated how there was space for all of us. Yoga school allowed us to see how our group was unique, yet the same. The coming together to grieve, work, and celebrate was rich and authentic. 


As intense as the learning curve was for me, the kind guidance allowed the learning to unfold. 


Yoga school with Jen and Brittany was life-enhancing for me personally and professionally as a school counselor. 


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